I’ve been hiding something.

There is something I haven’t been sharing about often that I could literally kick myself for…  I didn’t know it was a blessing until it continuously slapped me in the face with it’s goodness and consistency.  It’s truly a gift of love (I believe from God actually) that I have many times taken for granted and been selfish about, because of the fact that I didn’t know if I actually wanted it and I’ve kept it to myself for so long.  Well, no more hiding or tip toeing around.  I want you to have this gift too.  Seriously, all of you.

In 2014/2015, I took a HUGE leap in three entirely different directions career wise.  Each one of them was “risky” and a little off the beaten path.  Quiz time: do you remember what they were?  Don’t worry, this is an open book quiz (always my favorite kind).  I’ll be a good friend and share my answers with you ;).  Path one: The Beauty Coach(x3 for my OG’s haha).  I launched my own makeup artistry, hair styling, and fashion consulting business from the blog I started the year before.  Path two: Mary Kay.  I dove head first into friendships, makeup parties, and cold call messaging people to buy makeup from me (I’m still sorry about that one lol).  Path three: Young Living Essential Oils.  My sister told me she was doing the business side of Young Living and I should too.  I liked my oils and wanted to help her, so I thought why the heck not?!

A WHOLE LOT OF LIFE CRAP & JOY HAPPENED (definitely more crap than joy lol)…

Fast forward three years to the present day:

Path one: The Beauty Coach is now back to being a blog mostly (thanks for reading, btw).  I still get random inquiries about freelancing for weddings and events, but have given away a lot of my makeup and tools.  I am making actual plans to go to cosmetology school and still have a vision/passion that not many people know about yet…

Path two: Mary Kay.  I jumped off that train a few months in.  I was making money, but didn’t like how I felt about myself when doing it.

Path three: Young Living.  This is the one I have struggled with the most.  It honestly has not been my “passion” or sole focus–probably ever lol.  I love my oils.  I am fascinated by them, but had a lot of trouble finding “my place” in this business and it’s remained on the back burner.  Yet, I have made consistent and growing paychecks month-to-month for 3 years now in this business.  I’ve felt a lot of shame for that.  Why?  Well, I didn’t think I deserved it, because there are people that I know personally WORKING THEIR TAILS OFF for their Young Living business and I didn’t feel like I was really doing all that much…   I’ve gotten these awesome opportunities to build actual real-life friendships, go on once in a lifetime trips, or do makeup tutorials with the new makeup line, or people would be excited to chat oils with me–and still I would try to self-sabotage and push my oil business aside.  Don’t get me wrong, because I would do the work upfront.  I learned a lot and know a lot when it comes to oils, but because of my moral complex  (aka “I don’t deserve this”), I couldn’t fully accept anything good that was happening with it.  This doesn’t mean I never got excited about the possibilities or that I have never been grateful or hopeful, but reality is that your perception is everything and mine was WAY clouded.  I just couldn’t see what has been right in front of my face…

Why am I sharing this?  That’s a great question.  I’m sharing this because I am a person that believes in dreams and freedom.  I, like a lot of you, can’t stand working for other people.  I’ve always believed that life should be enjoyed and lived fully, but never understood how to correlate my life with that vision.  Maybe you’re in that boat too.  Maybe that’s why I’m writing this…  Just to get a “I feel the same exact way” response from one of you.  So that we could feel like we’re not alone for just a second.  If you can’t tell, I’m a very deep thinker and even more so a deep feeler.  I always have been to my joy and disgust haha.  I think everything in life has a purpose.  Whether just to teach you something or mold you into who/what you are.

I’m getting a little off track here, but the thing is I have been so busy trying to “create” a life that aligned with my dreams and visions that I’ve missed the one thing this whole time that has been actually helping me get there one day.  That thing is: Young Living.  To my very big surprise, Young Living has been the glue of my life the past 3 years and even when I didn’t want it–it still provided for me.  That’s how I know, without a doubt, that Young Living is a blessing from God.  I’ve forgotten and rediscovered this many times, but I always circle back to knowing that.

I’m just a normal person.  Despite my silly deep-down wants to be a famous actor or singer, that’s not what God has me doing.  Quite frankly, I would gladly skip pass this phase of life right now if I could, because I’m working a 12 hour a day “big girl job” (Monday through Friday) right now that really doesn’t align with what I want to do.  I have never thought of my current job and been like, “YES, that is where I want to spend the majority of my life doing!”  No.  Not in the least bit, but there is a silver lining (pun intended for my YL peeps).

At this job, that I can’t stand for the life of me, people are knowing about Young Living because I’m there.  And when they see, smell, and use the oils for themselves, they actually want them.  It shocks me every dang time!  I’m still really not doing all that much, but I am sharing about Young Living with them, because it’s become a part of my lifestyle.  I don’t use over-the-counter stuff or things from chain stores anymore and it always surprises me when my staff comes up to me and asks to use my peppermint oil for their headache, because their normal go-to isn’t cutting it.  Or, when it’s been a stressful day of children tantrums, staff drama, and paper work and my boss asks me to use my stress away oil to help her zen out for a minute.   Like what?

Then, the other day one of my former co-workers randomly messaged me and asked about YL.  I haven’t talked to her in years.  We video chatted for over an hour just talking about oils and that’s when I realized–maybe I feel like “I’m not doing that much”, because it doesn’t “feel” like work to me.  I was just having a conversation and sharing about oils.  That’s it and guess what…  She got herself some oils too!  So, really the point is that I don’t know everything and will probably (definitely) continue to obsess over how I can be and do better, but Young Living isn’t going anywhere and I’m happy it’s stuck by me even when I didn’t want to acknowledge it.  That is love people and I’m finally starting to let it seep in…just a little.  Young Living may have just earned 1st place for the first time ever. 🙂

I’m not one to push anything on anyone, but I do love to talk to people.  If any of my rambling/life insights spoke to you and you’re wondering what in the world Young Living is, we should have virtual coffee and talk.  Fair warning: we will likely end up laughing more though, because life is too short and being silly is fun.

CLICK HERE: Jaclyn’s Young Living Website 


Because I mentioned getting compensated, it’s only fair to show you Young Living’s income disclosure.  I’ve been in the Executive and Silver range the past two years.  It blows my mind!  Click the link below to see what that means:

Young Living’s Income Disclosure

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