Eight easy things to create a lovely 2018!

Moon face.  Slight wrinkle, filled with “puffiness”, beneath the chin or other wise known as a double chin.  Meh.  Not wanting to get up.  Running late.  Feeling sluggish.  Meal prep?  What is that?  Random fast food.  Not enough water.  Exercise?  You’re funny.  Clothes… Just don’t talk about it.  Church?  It’s been awhile.  Friends and family get-togethers?  Some day soon.

Awareness.  That thing when you know what’s going on in the present moment.  All those things listed above…  Yea, those are the things that I wake up to from when I’ve been just randomly living and not being aware of anything.  I think we all have those moments.  Some more than others.  [Raises hand.]  I’m part of the some that it happens to more than others.  Ah crapola!

So you’re waking up from an awareness rut (maybe from 2017 as a whole) and you don’t want to stay any longer.  How does one get out of a lack of awareness rut?  Oh my friend, you’re in good company.  I have to do this at least five times or more a year…  Basically, I get in ruts A LOT!  #prostatus

Step one: become aware.  Pull the covers off of your head and stare the scary things right in the eye.  It doesn’t matter how long it’s been.  Just look at it!  OHHH snap.  I don’t like it.  Eh eh eh.  Get it AWAYYY!  Okay.  You looked.  Good job.

Step two: intentionally observe what you see.  Good or bad.  It helps me to write these things down (visual person), but do what works for you!  Just do something that makes you completely aware of the thing(s).

Step three:  what things do you want and/or need to change?  Be easy on yourself.  Change takes time.  We’re just brainstorming, so don’t freak yourself out here.

Step four:  pick the smallest, easiest thing to change and start there.  Inevitably the biggest thing to change is the one that takes the most time and energy.  So, wait on that one and start small.  Tackle the little one and get some warm fuzzies about yourself first!

Step five: now that you have a little momentum, picture what life you want.  It doesn’t have to be a grand scheme of things.  Just what things first come to your mind?  Write that down.

Step six: take the things you listed and create small goals, steps, and follow through to get there.  Example life thing: be healthy.  Example life goal: lose 20 lbs in 6 months.  Example life step: create a healthy meal plan and go to the grocery store to get the goods weekly!  Example life follow through: meal prep each week and follow your eating plan.

Step seven: be consistent, but give yourself grace.  Life doesn’t work out exactly as planned.  Plan the best you can, go with the flow of your goals, and if you stumble just start again.  It’s ok.  You have time to fail and start again!

Step eight: constantly re-evaluate and get to know yourself.  After years of planning goals and giving up on them, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that time changes things and can even change your mind to what you want all together.  Life is a journey and it is going to change inevitably, so make time to check-in with yourself regularly.  Some people need check-ins more than others.  [Raises hand.] I’m part of the some people that need more check-ins.  #emotional #indecisive #ihavealotoffeelings

Now, to go do these things myself!  K bye!







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