My First Online Dating Profile in 2012

Y’all you just can’t make this stuff up!  Let’s take a stroll back to November 11, 2012.  I was the prime Taylor Swift age of 22 then.  [Fun fact Taylor’s Birthday is one day before mine and we were born the same year (1989), so basically we’re bffs…and my real life BFF got us tickets to go see her this July!!!  Coincidence?  I think not!]  Yep, 22-year-old me was fresh out of college and I definitely thought I knew EVERYTHING haha.   But, I was missing a co-star to my life stage…  Cue drinking grown-up grape juice around my childhood-home’s-kitchen-island with my Mom and my sister.  One conversation about romance and Hallmark movies switched into the leading ladies of my life suggesting that I try   As always, I tend to jump sporadically into things, so within five minutes they were helping me craft the perfect online dating profile.  Want to see what I wrote?  Keep reading and try not to laugh too hard hahaha…

“Hello there potential guy,

First, I must tell you that this whole bio thing is not me at all, because I would much rather get to know more about you  than blab on about myself.  Although you may be wondering who in the world this classy lady is, so here’s my best shot…

The basics (I like lists).

1. I’m proud to say I’m independent at the age of 22 and just recently moved back to VA for my first full-time job :).  In other words, I’m driven and rarely let anything hold me back. Look out world ;)!

2. I believe happiness is a choice and try my hardest to remain optimistic no matter what the circumstance–it’s a rare occasion when there isn’t a trace of a smile or laugh on my face.  Laughter is always the best medicine!

3. I’m genuine, because I don’t understand how a person can be fake and I value honesty too much to be deceitful.

4. I’m in love with the arts!  Singing, acting, dancing, writing, sketching, painting, design, fashion–those are my “things” in life, my hobbies and my passions.  Anything that involves having a dream and relying on talent, sign me up!  My ultimate favorite would have to be singing though, there is no greater feeling to me than being under a spot light on stage, singing and performing to a huge audience–I get chills thinking about it!

5. My family and my friends mean the world to me  and I would give up anything to spend time with them or lend a helping hand, no questions asked.  I love them so much!   Also, I can’t forget my baby Simba (my cat, current roommate, and constant entertainment).

6. My faith, I believe in God and having Jesus in my heart always.  And that is way my saying in life is , “everything happens for a reason”.

7. My sense of humor, well I blame me being an actress for this one, but I’m a quoter and impersonator like no other.  I love making other people laugh, even if it is at my own expense.

8.  Adventures!  I love them!  Anything to do with exploring or doing something random and unexpected is awesome!

9.  My health, I take it very seriously.  In the past 10 months, I’ve completely revamped my eating habits and exercise plan.  I became a vegetarian, try to eat organic when at all possible, and maintain going to the gym, getting outside, yoga, and some zumba on a weekly basis.  And last month, my sister and I finished out first 5K-BOOM!

10. That’s way too much info at a first glance, but now you know what you could be getting yourself into ;).

The long awaited portion about the soul mate I hope to one day find…

In my head, I’ve dreamed up one heck of a gorgeous, romantic, gentlemanly man-friend, haha but that’s a dream–I love Disney and all, but I’m not that silly.  In other words, I understand that this website is another dating tool, which means the guy I’m looking for may be on here or not–either way I’m ok with those odds.  Basically, I need someone on the same intelligence level as me–if you talk in text or are too lazy to write full sentences, I’m not your lady.  Also, I’m looking for someone who puts as much effort into themselves as I do (mind, body, and soul).  This special someone has to have a great sense of humor and a love of life, pessimistic Pete’s who blame the world for your problems, please don’t (not up in here).  And dare I say it, this person must be ready to receive and give love.  A big one, this person must be a Christian–I want to grow with someone, not be dragged back down to worldly pleasures.  And a no brainier, a guy who is a gentleman and cares enough to communicate, instead of manipulate.  In a song, I’m looking for a Jack Johnson “banana pancakes” vibe, togetherness, romance, and simplicity–it just works.

Okay enough with the serious stuff, if you think you’re the man of my dreams or a great guy to get to know, let’s say hi first and see where it goes from there!

If you read all of that, you are quite the guy already!  Thank you! :)”

I was cute then, right?  The guys thought so too.  Surprisingly, they were mostly older men with pretty banging careers.  I went on quite a few dates that year and fell pretty smitten with one Italian heart throb, but he never made it to my official Facebook relationship status haha!  Basically, my online dating days lead to A LOT of really funny stories that I will tell forever.  I wish that online dating was the same as it was back then…  You know before all the hook-up apps were created!  Dang Tinder ruined the game, but I have to say swiping guys profiles is a pretty addicting game, so kudos Tinder for the entertainment purposes at least.

If you’re feeling brave to share, let me know some of your comical dating or online dating stories!  I love hearing people talk about their love lives.  Especially, since mine has been dryer than burnt toast the past two years haha!!

P.S. The picture I used for this blog was my actual profile picture!  Hehe

Much love,


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