Let yourself get hit with the Rafiki stick.


It has always been hard to understand how a positive, optimistic person could become depressed and bitter until it happened to me.  For four years, I fought myself into submission with negativity.  Every time something good happened, my thoughts would twist it’s premise, steal my joy, and leave me feeling hopeless.

I started to think the other day, when did this start?  What was the deciding factor that led me to give up my light and go into the darkness?  The simple truth: I gave up.  And the saddest thing is, I didn’t even realize that I had given up or stopped trying.  I wholeheartedly believed that I was depressed and bitter because of the circumstances happening around me.  Yes, I went through really crappy situations and got beat down, but why did I give up on myself?  The hard answer to accept responsibility for is that I chose to give up.

Imagine that I’m Rafiki, from the Lion King, holding his humble stick and listen to this, “although they are unique to each person, every person you meet has the same intensity of life struggles that you do.”  SMACK over the head, yes!  Every single person on this planet is going through something or has gotten over something.  Basically, all of our lives completely suck at one point, because we’re all human and that’s just life!

So if we all struggle, how do some people maintain their joy, positivity, and optimism?  I’ll tell you how, they’re completely effing crazy!!!  Haha well, at least that’s what Negative Nancy’s and Ned’s tell me ;).  Sorry to disappoint, but even though we like to make fun of the positive crowd and their abilities to keep smiling, these people actually aren’t alive to annoy the crap out of us lol.  Really, they have something that we need to learn to emulate ourselves.  Kinda ouch, but the humble stick hurts sometimes.

Want to know what that source of happy is?  Stay tuned. 🙂

Much love,

Jaclyn Ramey, aka The Beauty Coach

P.S. sorry for the late upload!!  New posts every Thursday (normally)!  Love y’all!



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