Stop planning.


IMG_0200Have you ever imagined something?  Whether it be a total life plan, a relationship, a dream job, or a pumpkin spiced latte?  And, when you get to the reality of what you imagined it turned out to be completely different than what you originally thought?  Your life timeline fell through after college, that person you wanted to date was just dumb, that job was the worst five years of your life, and that pumpkin spiced latte didn’t taste anything like a real pumpkin.  Well, that’s literally what life is…

We all have something in our minds of what we think life is going to be like.  We make plans and we make goals, but life always turned out differently than we thought.  So why do we keep trying to dream up life instead of actually living it?  Why do we waste time planning out our futures if life is going to come in and change it anyway?  Is planning your life out really worth it?

You know that dreaded interview question, “where do you see yourself in five years?”  That’s the biggest load of crap ever, because no one really knows.  Be honest with yourself.  Trust God to plan your life and throat punch anyone who asks you that interview question.  Okay, don’t actually throat punch…  Just visually do it in your mind and answer with this: “wherever the good Lord decides to put me.”

God Bless,

Jaclyn Ramey, aka The Beauty Coach





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