Bye Fear.

Something arose tonight that hasn’t been felt in a while…  It’s that determined, deceitful snake called, fear.  Fear says, “you can’t.”  Fear asks, “what are you doing?”  Fear demands, “turn around, go back!”  Fear makes it’s point to seem valid, because the basis of it’s guided information is targeted right from your own insecurities.

Fear comes when you’re doing something out of your comfort zone; when it’s just risky enough to provide you joy or leave you flat on your face in failure.  Fear is here right now.  It was bound to show up sooner or later, because guess what fear is the number one deterrent of why some choose to turn away from something they are born to do…  Fear will always come, so prepare for it now.

Regardless of what anyone says, fear happens to us all.  Be humble–it’s true, and it’s also okay.  Since we know that fear is here or maybe around the corner somewhere, let it come.  Sit with it’s uncomfortable, slimy texture and be realistic about it, because it’s there and it’s going to try it’s best to validate every reason why you should march yourself right back to the drawing board, “because this plan or purpose is a lie”.  So, sit there and let fear try to talk you out of it, but know better.

Instead of bowing your head and taking those lies to heart, let fear come and then let fear go.  Breathe in your worth, your purpose, your dream, and breathe out all the lies that fear will bring up and try to defeat you with.  You know the fear game well enough, now it’s time to be it’s coach.  Bye fear.

God Bless,

Jaclyn Ramey, aka The Beauty Coach


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