Keep Trying

dreamer.jpgYou know that feeling when you want something so bad it hurts?  All the sudden your gut tenses up, tears begin to form in your eyes, your jaw clenches…everything hurts.  And it hurts so bad, because that something you want is something you’re supposed to do.  Yes, that thing you’re in constant search of is not only bound to change your life, but it will change others.  That thing is your purpose, your calling, and your mysterious misery.

How can you get there or to it?  You have to move into action and bloody try.  You have to be willing to fail, because you’re going to a lot.  That’s the thing about finding your purpose in life–it has to mean something and it has to have an impact big enough to connect you with other people.  And what are the things that bring other people together: similar struggles, inspiration from overcoming yourself or something greater than you, and my favorite joy.  We all want to hear about someone’s joy that they found, don’t we?  We long to hear about someone who has already overcome their mountain and can give us the “key” to finding that same something for ourselves.

But why don’t we want to hear about the mountain while their climbing it?  Like I said before, because it hurts.  It provokes an emotional response in us so big that we can’t bare to hear it, so we want to skip over the uncomfortable, squirmy feeling and get to the sunshine and rainbows.  What a crock of crap that is.  Seriously, to know that people are only willing to listen to a story that already has come to an ending…  Wake up!

The point is “going for it” is hard.  It’s the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, but even though that journey is tough it’s going to be worth it.  There is a mighty force within screaming and begging, “KEEP GOING; KEEP TRYING; YOU’RE NOT ALONE!”  And the thing is, that force is right you’re absolutely not alone.  People are being placed in your life right now to motivate you, pressure you, mold you, trample over you, and to just be there for you.  Don’t give up because it hurts; keep trying, because eventually you’re going to get it.

Much love,

Jaclyn Ramey, aka The Beauty Coach


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