Go for it.


There’s a decision you have to make and your mind is depicting two entirely different paths.  Both are seemingly happy.  Both have good outcomes.  Both are good choices.  Which one do you choose?

The next phase comes to play…  Pros and cons.  One is safe and one is a risk.  One leads to stability and one leads to uncertainty.  One is going by the rule book and one leads to creating your own path.  Both are good choices.  Which one do you choose?

The pros and cons did nothing to make your decision any easier.  Dig deeper.  Here comes the part where you have to peel everything back.  Get rid of society’s pressures.  Toss out other people’s perceptions and what they may think of you.  One choice is something you’ve done before that requires growth and more confidence.  One choice sets your soul on fire and requires all hands on deck to pull it off.  Still, both are good choices.  Which one do you choose?

Time is ticking and the decision is still there.  You have no clue what you are going to do.  So you open your freaking eyes.  You observe everything.  One is settling and doing what everyone else does.  This one means constantly taking other people’s bull and having to plaster a smile on your face, because you have to pay the bills and that’s what adults do.  One is following your dreams and getting out of your own and everyone else’s comfort zone.  This one is the one people will tell you to go for, advise against it, and throw in the word responsibility somewhere.  Both have rewards.  Both have consequences.  Both are good choices.  Which one do you choose?

Last shot.  It’s time.  Who the hell are you?  Ask yourself over and over.  Are you ready for 9 to 5 with benefits and certainty?  Are you ready to answer to someone else everyday and minimize yourself for the benefit of someone else?  Are you ready to settle and do what everyone tells you to do?  Or, are you ready for the unknown?  Are you ready to take chances, fail a thousand times, and get back up every day?  Are you ready to live for a passion that isn’t even done developing?  Both are good choices.  Which one do you choose?

Whatever it is just get out of your head and put it in to action.  Decide and don’t look back.  Listen to what your mind, heart, and gut is telling you.  Lean on something greater to help you and guide you.  Listen.  You are going to make a decision and you already know the answer.  Go for it.

God Bless,

Jaclyn Ramey aka The Beauty Coach




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